Who can attend?

YFT programs are open to any GLBTQ youth ages 14 -22 from Dallas and the surrounding areas! We are an all-inclusive group and while we have youth programs specifically for certain age/gender/ethnic youth groups, our programs are open to all youth !!

Where are you located?

Click here for map.

YFT offers bus passes for qualified youth living in the Dallas area who want to attend our groups. See any of the adult sponsors on a Thursday night or click here to contact someone about our DART Pass Program.

What about my parents - they want to come?

YFT offers programs for youth and we encourage any parent to come with their youth and visit the center before group starts on a Thursday night. We also encourage parents to sit-in on one of the Thursday night groups to see what its all about !!

Parents are encouraged to get involved with Youth First Texas as volunteers, future board members and of course, donors !!!

YFT also works with P-FLAG which is a support organization for Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Click here to find out more about the Dallas Chapter --à )

What about the adults involved?

All of the adults who volunteer with Youth First Texas are required to complete our "WORKING WITH YOUTH: General Volunteer Training Class (8 hours). YFT also performs background checks on all volunteers prior to allowing the adults to interact with the youth of our program.

Is the Thursday Night group a therapy group?

No Way !!!

The Thursday night groups are for the youth to interact with other youth and talk about what they want to talk about! Sometimes there are specific topics, sometimes it's an open discussion , and sometimes we break down into smaller groups so everyone has a chance to talk !!!

Is is therapeutic at time --- SURE !! But the Thursday night groups are not run by or facilitated by a licensed therapist !

If you feel you would like to talk with a Therapist, YFT offers that service free of change - Click here for more information!

Why would I want to come - I don't have any problems!

Youth First Texas (and specifically the Thursday night group) is for everyone - with or without problems!!!

There are programs for youth with specific needs and we want to help all GLBTQ youth - but for other youth looking for just interaction with their peers and making new friends - then YFT is for you too!!!

Is it all free?

All of the services provided by YFT are free of charge and most (if not all) of our social functions and parties are free of charge !!!

Donations (Mostly private and some through grants) make this all possible. To help support YFT - Click here (DONATION PAGE).

There are camping trips, out of town educational trips and other MAJOR events that do cost - so the youth fund raise - through car washes, garage sales and special events to raise the funds to attend these exciting events !!!

Also - there are ways that you can earn Credits to turn into dollars to help pay for your trips --- what to know more ??? Just ask us how !!!

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