National Resources

Here are a few links to Gay & Lesbian Resources. These orgainizations, while not part of YFT, can provide interesting, helpful and exciting information about whats going on in the GLBTQ World !!!!

American Civil Liberties Union

Human Rights Campaign Fund

National Gay & Lesbian Task Frce

P-FLAG ( Parents & Friends of Lesbian And G ays )

TransBoy Resource Network

Resources for transgender, gender-bending, transsexual, butch & gender-questioning youth who were designated female at birth but identify as somewhere else on the gender spectrum.

LLEGÓ, The National Latina/o Lesbian, Gay Bisexual & Transgender Organization
Mogenics page for connection of GLTBQ Youth !
Mogenic is a special place on the net where gay and lesbian youth have the freedom to exchange ideas, share experiences, discuss coming out, make friends, read interesting content and most importantly: make contact.

Additional Resources

God Loves

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